Faces of Rural America

Click here to learn more about the artists and work that are the faces of rural America. Learn about the rural America that inspired the work of Henry Clay Fleming and Belle Johnson. Learn how this exhibit came to be from research through the travelling exhibit.

Exhibit Open June 12 - September 1, 2012 Elizabeth Rozier Gallery at Jefferson Landing State Historic Site

With assistance from the Institute of Museum and Library services, the Massillon Museum was able to assemble the project we have dubbed Faces of Rural America. Initially, the project impetus was to exhibit and record the efforts of two American photographers, neither of which has a direct connection to Massillon. Yet, both Henry Clay Fleming and Belle Johnson have fascinated and delighted Museum staff and visitors for years. We are proud to be the caretaker of their photographs, which are inherently American in their subject matter.  While most of the images require the viewer use his or her imagination to create a narrative for the subjects, one cannot help but identify with the faces in the photographs. 

The exhibition features 100 photographs: 50 by Henry Clay Fleming and 50 by Belle Johnson. Both floors of the Massillon Museum are dedicated to this project, and corresponding educational offerings are available in the form of an activity book, and suggestions for workshops, classes, and lectures.

The exhibition originated at the Massillon Museum, and ran from June 11 - October 9, 2011.  The exhibition is now traveling - check the Schedule section of the website to see where Faces is showing now!

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