Faces of Rural America

Behind the Exhibit

Project Toolkit

What is a Project Toolkit? This project toolkit is intended to provide you with an overview of the Massillon Museum’s project, Faces of Rural America. Our project focused on gathering oral histories, photographs, and information related to two photographers and the communities in which they lived and worked.  Please see our project overview below.

It is our intention to make resources available for you to launch a similar program for your city, family, church, or other group. Anyone can use some or all of this toolkit to initiate a program that will help to identify and preserve photographs and document the history of a community.

Download Project Toolkit

What is in the toolkit?
    Phase 1: Pre-planning
    •    Identify resources
    •    Identify funding opportunities
    •    Assemble a project team
    •    Gather your photographs and documents
    •    Access to your photographs and documents
    •    General storage and handling tips

    Phase 2: Public Relations
    •    Connect to your community
    •    Establish etiquette
    •    Do your research
    •    Media coverage
    •    Use social media

    Phase 3: Onsite visits
    •    Trip itinerary
    •    Securing a venue and establishing headquarters
    •    Establishing staff roles
    •    Holding a town hall meeting
    •    Conducting oral histories

    Phase 4: Digitization
    •    Introduction to digitization
    •    Scanning photographs: in-house pre-trip
    •    Digital photography using a copystand
    •    Scanning photographs onsite
    •    Establishing staff roles
    •    Scanning photographs
    •    Protocol and benchmarks for scanning

    Phase 5: Implementation

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